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Above and Beyond

My wife and I recently needed new gym shoes in our quest to up our training

and not ruin our feet for the upcoming Columbus Half Marathon!

We bought these sweet matching gym shoes that you see above. 


I would like everyone to know that I did not attempt to purchase matching

shoes, but what is comfortable is comfortable and I didn’t want to run

the risk of a running injury just to have different shoes.

I had a recent stress fracture in my foot that I kept running on that my doc

told me might have been the result of not having my shoes fit as well as they


She recommended we go try out Front Runner in Columbus.

The service at this place was above and beyond what you would expect a

retail store to do.  They watch you walk with and without shoes and socks on,

they have you try on multiple special pairs, give you second opinions, look over

your training schedules and what might work best, etc.

We were very satisfied with our experience and they did a great job serving us.

But in this blog that is what I preach that you need to do just to stay in


What Front Runner did next takes them above and beyond a high level

of customer service and vaults them into the “remarkable level!” (One

of the chapters of my upcoming book.)

Front Runner holds weekly good form running clinics and we decided to go

attend one.

You did not have to be a former or current customer to do this, anyone could

sign up.  We came to Front Runner at 6pm this past Tuesday night and along

with seven other people Bill from Front Runner took us through a free of charge

90 minute class on how to run with better form.  I won’t get into the details of

the class but the purpose of good form running is to strike the ground with your

mid foot instead of your heel or front foot.  It will help your knees, feet, and

leg tendons over the long time and keep you injury free for much longer!

The point is there was no sales push afterwards, it was a 90 minute free class,


Everyone there learned a ton and it will change the way I run.  Front Runner

took themselves above and beyond just being a shoe store and they are now a

REMARKABLE running consulting company in my eyes.



So remember that next time you are trying to figure out…how can I be

remarkable??  How can I show my customers, my co workers, my managers that

I truly care?

Look at examples in your own life of places that have been remarkable to you

and you will get it.

If you live in Columbus and you need running shoes, equipment, or want to

learn how to run better head up to Front Runner on Lane Avenue and find

Bill and the gang!

Until I visit them next time…we will TRAIN ON in our matching gym shoes!

Have a great day everyone and CARPE DIEM!!

This may be my final post on this Tumblr blog and hopefully next week we will

be on to the new website…can’t wait to share it with you!


Pride is everywhere: Get Some Today!

About two weeks ago I had what I would consider my most “American” week
in my young life.

1. My wife and I received free tickets to see President Obama deliver a 45 
minute speech down the street from our house.
2. We went to a World Cup Qualifying game for USA Jamaica, the game was
on 9/11 with a moment of silence before hand, and the coin toss was done
by FDNY members who saved lives that fateful day.
3. Finally the The Ohio State Marching Band (The Best Damn Band in the Land!)
performed a halftime show dedicted to Neil Armstrong and John Glenn and
Glenn and his wife came out of the tunnel and onto the field for the final portion
of the show.

All in all I felt great pride in the country that I am a citizen of and it went past that
to be a proud member of the human race.
Last night when my wife and I landed in the CMH airport back from our trip out
West we were able to see the Honor Flight returning home from Washington DC
that day. For those who are unfamiliar with Honor Flight it is when we take our
veterans as they age to the war monuments in DC.
It is a great organization but what stood out to me was the amount of pride all of
these people had that night when greeting their aging veterans home after what was
surely a tiring day for these guys. Most are in their late 80’s and early 90’s.

The point is these events have reminded me to take pride in what I do.
I try not to let a day go by where I’m not doing work or interacting with people
in a way that I would later regret.
It reminded me how good we have it and how lucky we are and to make sure that
I try every single day to kick butt and do it in a nice and honest way.

Have some pride. Make challenges for yourself and go strive to achieve them.
Let’s not sit on the sidelines for the next few weeks, months, or years.
Instead get yourself some goals, set some standards in your life, and get some
pride and go achive something you have always wanted to do!

I currently have a list of random things that I want do to before my life is over.
Some are for myself and some are for others.
I take pride in crossing things off that list and learning from them and having fond
memories of them.
Two items that are recently off the list are giving a stranger $100 cash and telling
them it was a random act of kindness and the second was climbing a HUGE
mountain in Colorado that I had never scaled before.
(My brother and I conquered Twin Sisters in Rocky Mountain last
Tuesday, 8.5 miles round trip, 3,000 ft in elevation, a rock scramble off the trail to
get away from the Big Horn Sheep that were staring us down, and all done
in 3.5 hours time.)

To me going and doing something that you love, an adventure that you don’t put off,
an act of kindness that you stop talking about doing and actually go do.

It may have started with something as simple as a soccer game for me this month
but it was a great reminder of everything that is possible in this world and everything
there is to be proud of both in my life, for this great country, and in this magnificent world.

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a great Sunday and CARPE DIEM!

PS: The book comes out Monday October 15th on Amazon Kindle or by ordering
yourself a physical copy. They will be affordable, fun, and filled with takeaways!
They will be available on my brand new website that will be launching around the
same time so stay tuned for more info!

The Best Way to Stand Out

Hot Dog Stand Marketing.

What is the best way to stand out when running a business?

When working for a company?

When just trying to get the attention of a cause you believe in?


Smile.  Be Happy.  Be Polite. 

Every single human on this Earth has something about them that makes

them truly different from every other person in this world.

For some reason we spend too much time fitting in and becoming like

everyone else.

Dig deep and figure out your passions, what makes you tick, what makes

you different and unique, and then go present that to whoever or whatever

you are trying to show your ways to!

Being Yourself is figuring out what seperates you from everyone else in this

universe and then behaving in that manner each and every day.  (Unless

you are a unique road rage driver, then you can just fit in with the status

quo and be polite and quiet on the road!)

The best way to stand out in Hot Dog Marketing isn’t a price point or a

radio jingle, it’s also not a PR campaign or a fun internal promotion, the best

way to stand out is to show people what you are really about and show

them who you really are.

IF you do that and really care odds are they will LOVE what you have to say!

HAPPY FRIDAY ALL!!!  Don’t forget to remember all those today affected with or

by someone with Alzheimer’s.  It is National Alzheimer’s Day and it makes me

remember there are hundreds of great causes out there every day that try

to solve problems.  Pick a few of them that you are passionate for and help

them out and get behind them!


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The Effects of the NHL Lockout

The NHL is locked out.

This is the first full week when the owners and players are now in such disagreement that missing a portion of the NHL Season is very likely and the NHL is officially LOCKED OUT!

We know the owners are in full agreement with the Commish Gary Bettman that the current state of their league can not move forward in the manner that it was.  The problem now being faced though is the risk of missing a portion of the season.

This has already happened to the NHL before and they actually missed a full season in 2005 and to be quite honest with you the NHL has reported that as few as only three teams turned true profit in recent seasons.  The point being they do need to come to some sort of new agreement because the current way is not working.  I personally believe it will be a short term lockout and its fallout should not be truly harmful, but the NHL should worry if it does become a long term problem.

Today though we will delve into some of the other potential effects of the NHL lockout.

Players leaving the league

When I spoke with some of the players and marketing people at the Columbus Blue Jackets they said the lockout will start to become a real concern if players begin to leave the league and play in Canada, Eastern Europe, overseas anywhere, etc.  This happened to the NBA during the recent lockout but we saw little impact of big names players.  The NHL will potentially lose bigger stars because some of the leagues in Canada and overseas are on a much higher pay scale and quality player level than the leagues that some of the NBA players had an opportunity to jump to.  If good players leave the league and the problems are resolved and the lockout is ended you need to put a quality product out there.

The NHL is not the NBA or the NFL

Let’s be very realistic here.  The NHL is a huge corporation in America and it still is probably the 5th biggest professional sport in America (behind the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NASCAR) but it will not be able to return and bounce back from a long term lockout like the NBA and the NFL did.

Let’s face facts: The NFL is America’s Great Pasttime now.  (Sorry, MLB, it is not my call.)  The NFL has some of the most loyal fans in the world and the second their lockout ended the fans were back. In fact, the fans were almost relieved and thankful for them coming to settle.

The NBA has star power.  They have the most marketable stars in the WORLD!  Part of that is because they are not hidden behind helmets and pads but also part of that is the job the league has done.  People may not have forgiven their team when the league ended its lockout but when LBJ, D Wade, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, etc came to town they were getting their butts into those seats!  The NHL I believe will have a very hostile fan base that will hold a longer term grudge against their league.  Partly because it is not as popular as the other leagues and partly because it has happened them in 1994 and 2005.

The Economy and Local Businesses

Yes we always think about the concession workers, the ticket takers, the sales people, that will lose their jobs as a result of the lockout.  But you don’t always think about it as a whole for the city the team is located in.  Here is a great article written by The Other Paper in Columbus Ohio on whether or not the downtown area can survive a long term lockout.  Local business will suffer as a result of the lockout not just current employees of the arena and employees for the organizations.

For the rest of the article just click over to my friends at Sports Networker

right HERE.  Have a great day everyone!


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Put some Kraut in your Pitch

Every sales rep, hourly customer service worker, or business owner can offer

their customer a “great deal.”

This price won’t last…

Our final BUT best offer…

Today is the final day to cash in on savings that will go away…

We have heard them all, it doesn’t matter how they are phrased.

Truth be told they never go away.  Everyday it seems that there are more offers

of great deals.

The strangest thing is that out of all of the objections that my clients put

in front of me PRICE is usually towards the bottom.

So why do we keep going back to it?

My personal opinion is that we are so attracted to the want and the desire

of money both in work and in life that we forgot that millions of people

rise every morning for work for reasons other than just money.

That is why I have forgotten about the PRICE PITCH.

Instead I have found that by following some HOT DOG STAND MARKETING

rules and putting some KRAUT in my pitch helps me stand out and helps

my clients stand out much more than just lowering my price a little bit.

What do I offer to help my clients stand out?  What type of KRAUT do I

put in my proposals that will help them get a little bit of their own hot

dog stand marketing??

It is different for every single client.  But can and has included:

1) A custom feature on the radio station that tailors specifically to their industry.

2) Airing a digital campaign that targets their exact customer who is searching

on the internet for their exact product, albeit could be a competitors.

3) Promotional tickets that they can use for an in house rewards program

for their best workers at their company.

4) Free seminar and webinar sign ups of other writers and speakers that I have

seen that I think may help them get a better grasp on their business.

5) A solution based on our meeting that can help them make a profit back on

the money that they invest with me.

6) Ability to provide not the quantity of people that pay attention to my product

but rather the quality of people that are listening that are in my clients target

market that will pay attention and be interested in their product.

7) Referrals to other clients that they would perhaps be interested in talking

shop with.

8) Speech writing and copy writing classes that will help improve their and

their staffs skills when talking to potential clients.

And the list can go on and on.

Every time I put a program together for a client to begin a new partnership or

extend an existing one I think about how I can put some KRAUT in my pitch

and make sure that my program has elements of HOT DOG STAND MARKETING

that will help my clients STAND OUT and not just GET CAUGHT IN CLUTTER.

Make sure you do the same!

Have a great day everyone and of course…


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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Standing Out

Other blogs say you need to come up with your own stance.

While all writers would love to just sit there and regurgitate the genius ideas

of Seth Godin or have a journey as basic yet as incredible as Chris Guillebeau 

they have already come up with their own ways that make them truly unique

and remarkable.

To stand out and make a difference and provide value I believe that what

these other writers have been saying.  To come out from the thick you need

to have a reason to seperate yourself.

I was stuck in a world of 1,000 media sales reps in Columbus.  We all offered

a product and had clients that wanted it.  How were we different than one


That’s why I started writing this blog.  Make myself stand out to my clients and

prospects as someone who had a little bit more to offer than the next media

sales rep.

Then I realized that in the world of blogging there was that type of competition

for readership, only it was global and I was competing with one million people

(PROBABLY WAY HIGHER ACTUALLY!)to gain readers and people interested

in what I had to say.

That’s why I decided to finally write the book that I had been wanting to

write for quite some time.  It will be out in a few weeks, I am receiving the

final proof next week in the mail before I put it up for sale (and of course

some freebie giveaways if you read this blog) on Amazon and CreateSpace!

So now here I am…

What is my next idea to keep you interested?  To gain more readers both on

a national and a global level?

What can I offer you that no other blog or book or public speaker or media sales

rep or sports marketing guy can offer you? (Yes I have many hats/titles!)


Hot Dog Stand Marketing is my way to truly help every single person stand out!

Whether is standing out from other local businesses, or standing out from other

employees at your company, or standing out in society as someone who

truly cares and wants to make a difference in the world…


More explanation and details in the coming weeks and months with posts and

information on how you can transform yourself into anything you want to be!

Both professionally, personally, locally, nationally, and globally!

I bid goodbye for now and wish you a great day!  I’ll be back soon.


Thanks for reading this far, if you have made it down here and want to get

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Every Day Not Just Today

11 years ago today 9/11 occurred.  I was working at Kenwood Country Club in

the bag shop and I brought up an old man’s clubs.  I was set to leave for Ohio

State for my first year of college in a week.  I’ll never forget the words he

told me as he took his golf cart and clubs.

He said “Get ready son.  You are going over to war for us.  Forget about college

you have a country to fight for.”

Obviously while many others have fought, I never did.

But I never forgot the words that he said to me that morning.  I have had

many experiences, runs in, days, and years since he said that to me but I have

never forgotten because it rang a chord with me.

Let today not be the only day that we remember 9/11.  Every day we should

thank those who gave their lives as a result and think and pray for those who

lost family members, friends, and loved ones.

Remember more than just one day a year.

And not just 9/11…be cognizant and thankful every day for veterans, social

workers, your parents, your career, your ability to do whatever you want in this

and other democtratic countries.

So tomorrow when you wake up think once again but all of those that have

sacrificed for you so that you can enjoy your walk of life.

And fight for your freedom and happiness every single day.  Make sure you take

advantage of every opportunity you have, the sacrifice that others have done

for us is amazing, and we should leave nothing untouched or unturned so that

their sacrifice was 100% worth it!

Thanks for reading everyone.  Take a moment to reflect not just today but

every single today to remember the victims of 9/11 and all other attacks and

tragedies that occur every single day in this world.

And then try to do your best to spread the good and not the evil.



Becoming Aware

It has been almost two and a half years and a couple hundred posts since I

started writing Marketing Fun With Mike.

I have learned to write better, be more creative, and hopefully shown to my

readers and my clients ideas and thoughts that they had not found before.

But the most surprising and probably important asset I have gained from this

experience thus far is BECOMING AWARE.

I almost laugh at where I was and what I knew coming out of college and even

in the early years of my career. 

This blog has opened me up to so many different walks of life, so many different

types of businesses, other blogs, writers and stories, charities, and walks of

many kind.

It is simplyAMAZINGto me when you see how many people are out there today

trying to make a difference, doing something they love, walking a different

path than what you are.

It is also sad that there are so many more that want to but don’t have the

opportunity or chance to make it happen. 

But it has made me aware.  There is more to life than just business people and

teachers.  White collar or blue collar jobs. 

More than just the rich and just thepoor. 

More than just the retired or the young.

More than just English and Spanish speaking people.

More than just United Way to find a charity making a difference.  (Though I have

nothing against that charity.)

Marketing Fun With Mike has enabled me to discover on a daily basis so much

more.  It has made me 500% more aware of what is going on in this world and

I have only began to crack the cookie of what is out there.

And I couldn’t be happier with being more aware.

Don’t waste a minute.  There is too much out there to learn, make you smile,

places you can help, and growth that you can achieve personally.

And it all starts with opening yourself up, dropping any pre conceived notions

of anything you have ever thought you knew, and being yourself when you walk

out your door every morning.

Marketing Fun With Mike: Teaching Mike how to become more aware one day

at a time.

That is the most unexpected takeaway from writing this blog.

I hope you have unexpected takeaways from reading this blog.

And from reading my brand new book which will be out in less than one month!

More details coming soon…


Top 7 Most LIKED NFL Team Facebook Fan Pages

by |September 3rd, 2012

The NFL Season has nearly arrived!  And Eli Manning’s 2nd Superbowl Trophy is far off in the distance as all 32 teams gear up for another run at a championship.

Eli can take to heart that he has two rings and Tony Romo has none and the Cowboys have only one playoff win since 1995 but that doesn’t change the fact that when we dove into the most LIKED teams facebook pages for the NFL Tony Romo and the Texas Star trumped Eli and the Giants.  The struggle between spamming your fans on facebook and giving them truly unique and behind the scenes info still rages on, so today we will delve into the teams with more than two million likes. We will take a minute to find out if they are holding the trophy for facebook relevance and interaction or just another page with a “lot of likes.”

Eli will take the 7th place finish in the facebook standings if it means a 3rd Superbowl Trophy is on the horizon for him this season I would venture to guess.

Onto the teams!

The Most LIKED NFL Team Facebook Fan Pages

1. Dallas Cowboys - 5,058,599 LIKE’s

They are the most popular team in the NFL, but only have one playoff win since ’95, so it comes as no surprise they lead in a considerable margin over every other NFL team. Tons of interaction, comments, and what stands out to me is they actually are doing contests that benefit the user from following the team on Facebook.  Including a Gatorade contest and a 70% off special on merch.  Provide value on facebook, if you do that then the LIKES and interaction will come!

2. Pittsburgh Steelers – 4,663,892 LIKE’s

The Steel Curtain page jumps out to me that the link is not found at facebook dot com / Pittsburgh Steelers.  If I were not writing an article I would probably stop there.  Steelers is not far off but I think it is easier to find by listing the whole team’s name.  The one post they seem to love though is showing play by play updates of the game every five minutes or so while the Steelers are playing.  Most likely fans are already watching or listening on the radio already though and know what is going on during the game.  For me, the Facebook page needs to have something that I can’t get just by watching the game and the Steelers page doesn’t provide that.

3. New England Patriots – 3,741,360 LIKE’s

That is the stretch pic for the Pats facebook page.  Just my personal opinion but I would have a photo of Tom Brady throwing a deep ball or Vince Wilfork’s gut and bulging muscles stretching out to take on three offensive lineman.  But that’s my personal opinion.  You have the best football player on the planet, market him!  Other than that they do a great job, I actually like their page and have for some time even though I am not a Pats fans because I find their posts relevant, funny, and informative.

Keep it up Pats!

4. Green Bay Packers – 3,253,898 LIKE’s

Great info here on the Pack’s page!  From the ability to email the team president, do a live video chat with Aaron Rodgers, to the oodles of funny teenage girls who post “I LOVE YOU AARON!” on here for a non fan of the team there is a lot to offer.

They keep it non spammy and light and aren’t just regurgitating the game or traning camp recaps so two thumbs up here!

For the final top 3 and the notable omissions plus my wrap up click HERE for

the rest of the article to my friends at Sports Networker!

Enjoy the week and Carpe Diem!


The fruits of doing NO Labor

Europeans and South Americans already make fun of our country for working

too hard and not enjoying ourselves within our daily lives enough.

So for all of you who work yourselves to the bone every day I say take one

from the Spanish and have aSIESTAtomorrow, Sunday, AND Monday of

this Labor Day Weekend.

Enjoy the fruits of doing NO labor for once!

Re Energize Yourself.

Re Invigorate Yourself.

And when you return Tuesday morning try to work smarter not harder, use

your vacation days, and relish in the fact that just sometimes it is okay

to not do any LABOR.

Happy Holiday Weekend Peeps!!  CARPE DIEM!

The foolproof MARKETING plan

Oscar Wilde nailed it on the head when he spoke these words.  Everyone can

take these words their own way and apply them in how they go about their


For myself in my career though BEING YOURSELF is the foolproof marketing plan

for success, and it can be for you in your business or in your career as well.

If you are yourself and it shines through how you represent your business or

your company then you will win!

I have many clients right now that are ramping up their marketing dollars to

associate themselves with Ohio State Football.  It is very interesting that many

folks, especially in the Central Ohio area, would congratulate my clients and

those businesses who choose to align with Ohio State Football because that is

a foolproof way to market your business.

It couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Ohio State Football is the means in which my clients get their message heard.

The way they turn those ears that heard it into people being interested in their

business however is through BEING THEMSELVES!

Bob Burg, author of one of my favorite books the Go Giver, says it best when

he reports that “All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer

business to, those people they know, like and trust.”

That’s it!

That is your foolproof marketing plan.  Not the fact that you are running spots

during the evening news, OSU Football, giving your customers 20% off on

repeat business.

People want to do business with people they like and they trust.  Your foolproof

marketing plan if you own your own business is to BE YOURSELF!

Be nice, genuine, and kind.  Everything else will follow.

If you run a department, treat your people like this and everything else will


If you are an hourly worker but you want to improve your favor amongst

your employers, BE YOURSELF, and it will be your foolproof way to market

yourself to the top of the company should you so choose to climb that ladder!

Forget about dollars, marketing mix, brand messaging, social media

analytics, facebook likes, retweets, couponing, inventory reduction,

process checks, and operation improvement systems.

BE YOURSELF first, do the other things that make your business churn next,

and you will be stuck forever with a successful and FOOLPROOF marketing plan

that will set you up for success as a business owner, CEO, manager, or hourly

worker that is last on the totem pole. (Though you won’t be at the bottom

for long because you will rise quickly.)

With that I bid everyone adieu this Tuesday!  Go begin your own marketing

plan of yourself and practice it every day and for longer periods of time and

the wins will start to build and the losses will start to disappear!

Thanks for reading everyone!  Please leave your thoughts and comments

below on what you think about this way to try to work OR drop me a line

HERE I’d love to hear from you!


Give some props to the millions


It can be your boss, your wife, your buddy, or a complete stranger that you are

standing next to in line at the grocery.

Give out some props today to somebody you think deserves it!


Millions of people are waking up with smiles on their faces.

Millions of people are biking to work on a beautiful morning whistling as they


Millions of people are doing charitable work to fight for a difference for those

that don’t have what many of us think is our right.

Millions of people are laughing so hard at a joke they will cry.

Millions of people are giving random people money today because they feel

they need it more than them.

Millions of people are doing work in a career that they truly love.

Millions of people are trying something that scares them to death but are going

to get over their fear.

Millions of people are learning a new hobby that they never thought they would

be interested in.

Millions of people are discovering a piece of the planet that they never knew


Millions of people are fighting for a change, fighting for peace, fighting for

equality, fighting for us to all be happy.

Millions of people are enjoying the moment at hand and not letting life speed

right by them.

Millions of people are sayingCARPE DIEMjust like I do everyday.

And yet if you put yourself into only one part of the world all you will think

millions of people are doing are talking about politics, committing crimes, lying,

being unfaithful, and not enjoying the world.

Which team do you want to work be a part of?

Which team do you want to be on?

It is all about how you look at things. 


Bright and sunny with a realization

that there are millions of people everyday trying to make us all better

and enjoying those people.


Overcast and cloudy with a doom and gloom outlook that there are millions

of people everyday that prevent you from ever living a great life.

I choose Side A.  Why not?!

Millions of people everyday choose Team A.  Join the team and as you sign up

make sure you bump somebody the rock who is already on the team.  You will

know who they are! 

And guess what?  You can always switch teams and bring members from Team

B to Team A.  Team B will think they are too full and busy but Team A is

always recruiting.

Make the choice today and give some props to one of the millions on Team A!

Thanks for reading everyone!!  Thoughts or comments, leave them below!

Want to email me about it personally just click HERE!

Marketing during Political Season

I would like to begin this post with stating very clearly this is not a political

post in any way whatsoever!  Not a word about politics just how businesses

have a huge opportunity to market to consumers during political season.

Every four years and sometimes every two years we have a national political

election and those running for President, Congress, Senate, etc bombard your

TV, radio, print, billboard, and online sights with political ad after political ad.

More often times than not these ads are negative and almost 100% of the

time they try to push their message onto the client instead of pulling them


Which in my mind is a Marketing 101 mistake!

I speak all of the time about pulling possible consumers and clients in with

great opportunities, extroadinary service, unbelievable referrals, and other

countless ways that don’t involve simply pushing your advertising and marketing

message onto people over and over again until they are fed up with it.

This is an opportunity for businesses all across the country instead of just a time

for people to complain about how sick they are of political ads!

TV Stations are going to be sold out.  Billboards will be in high demand.  The

political season is going to make it much harder to mass market because the

politicians will be purchasing all of the inventory (unless you work at say a

sports talk station because they don’t concern themselves with us…just

had to throw that out there!)

Instead of making excuses for your business about how hard it is to get your

message heard use this as a way to reconnect with your old customers and find

new ones in a way you haven’t done so all year!

-Do a grassroots thank you card campaign with you dressed up in front of the

White House thanking all of your clients for a great term thus far.

-Offer out a 25% inventory on election day.

-Pull customers in on social media by offering them value and answering their

questions in ways that truly helps them get more out of your product or your


-Spend extra time in your store connecting and not selling to your customers

because you won’t have to be shooting your new TV ad.

-Hold a football or soccer tailgate at your local team’s game and invite out all

of your customers and use that newspaper money on food, drinks, and tickets


-Promo products that provide an intangible upon every purchase.

The point is don’t use this political season as an excuse that you can’t connect

with your customers.

Use it as an opportunity to build deeper relationships and more connections with

them with a PULL marketing message instead of the PUSH marketing message

that every single politician will be using!

Thanks for reading everyone!!  Have a great day and give me a “CARPE

DIEM” because Marketing Mike said so! (Kudos to Stone Cold)