Give good reasons

We almost always have a reason for why we say what we say.


We rarely reveal why we feel that way, even to ourselves!

You would be shocked if and when you stated your case and revealed your

true feelings for why you wanted what you are asking for how selfish or

silly it may sound.

Salespeople often try to sell things to “hit my budget” “maximize shareholder

value” “hold onto my job” etc etc etc.

Those are not reasons to sell something to someone and if you are stating

your case to a client and you are thinking that is why you are trying to

get this person to buy your product you should get up and walk out!

We too often think that we deserve things based on age, income levels,

"the way things were", and "the way things will be" when in actuality the only

thing we deserve is a fair opportunity to state our case.

If we can’t completely and honestly have a good reason for why we want what

we want we don’t deserve to win if we didn’t have the right processes in place

before we started our case.

The smartest football players in the NFL are the ones who work the hardest

every night until the sun rises studying plays and tendencies.

They then go out on the field on Sunday and state their case to win based on

their knowledge of already knowing what the other team is going to do.

Some people call it “luck” “talent” etc.

I call it preparation and stating your case.

To be the best we have to prepare the best, practice the best, and have

the right unselfish reasons for doing what we are asking for.

State your case out loud before you do it next time.  If it sounds like you don’t

have a good reason go back to the drawing board and find one!

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Carpe Diem!


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