Sports Marketing at Work! Marketing Fun Edition #1

I always talk about sports marketing.  I tell people it is what I do…but what is it


Well I am hoping to start sharing what I do with some Sports Marketing at Work

posts that are very brief in text but show ideas that myself and my client come up

with together and what it looks like.

Today is Line X.  Below you will see they are at the Columbus Ohio Home and

Garden Show inside the 97.1 The Fan Monster Garage.

Line X does floor coating and truckbed coating and would maybe not perhaps

want to be at the home and garden show but with a sports marketing twist

they have coated our floor in the garage with Scarlet and Grey to give it a

Buckeye feel and we have created a contest with a QR code where you can

go directly from the Home and Garden Show and register on a page we

created for them to give someone a coating of their own Scarlet and Grey

floor for a listener or customer’s own monster garage.

We called it the “Urban Renewal.”  That is an idea…I think it will be successful

and work but it is the difference between doing sports marketing and just selling

radio spots.

Enjoy the photos below and if you want to register to win go to FanWord (Upper Right Corner of site) Urban Renewal.

Carpe Diem!!

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